Stretching improves flexibility- Athletes Gel


Stretching is an important step for increasing flexibility and is usually the last step of a workout.  

Stretching is usually encouraged as a way to lower risk for injury. Even if stretching doesn’t reduce injury risk, it definitely helps increase flexibility.

Key benefits of stretching

Stretching may prevent sports injuries- Athletes Gel
  • Stretch all muscles that were used for exercise during the cool down.
  • Stretch gently and slowly.
  • Never bounce when stretching.
  • Breathe while stretching, never try to hold your breath.

Types of stretching

Ballistic stretching uses the momentum of a moving body or a limb in an attempt to force it beyond its normal range of motion.

Dynamic stretching, involves moving parts of your body and gradually increasing reach, speed of movement, or both.

Active stretching is one where you assume a position and then hold it there with no assistance other than using the strength of your muscles.

Passive stretching is where you assume a position and hold it with some other part of your body, or with the assistance of an apparatus.

Isometric stretching involves the resistance of muscle groups through isometric contractions or tensing of the stretched muscles

Static stretching involves holding a position, stretching to the farthest point and holding the stretch

Disclaimer: The information given within this page is a guide only and should not replace the advice given by your Doctor or Sports Medicine Practitioner. In the event of a serious or life threatening injury seek professional medical services. If an injury persists see your health professional.