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Managing Joint Pain

The area in which two bone ends meet to allow motion of that body part is referred to as joint. Shoulders, knees, ankles and elbows are all typical joints of the body, with the bones separated by cartilage which serves as shock absorbers to adjacent bones.

Pain in any joint can be caused by disease ,injury or trauma. Pain can be caused by conditions occurring outside or within the joint, with the majority coming from ligaments, cartilage, tendons, bone or bursae. Joint pain is often accompanied by inflammation.

Tips to managing joint pain

Athletes Gel-managing joint pain

  • Apply RICE treatment principles to a new joint injury. Rest, ice, compression and elevation.
  •  Alternate between hot and cold applications to assist with inflammation. 
  • Where there is  significant pain, inflammation and bruising seek medical attention.
  • If arthritis is the cause of joint pain, it can require anti-inflammatory medication depending on the type of arthritis.  
  • Increase the strength of your surrounding muscles can alleviate stress on joints. 
  • Especially in the case of knee pain where activating quadriceps can help to take pressure off knees.
  • Diet is a factor with joint problems, so avoid carbonated drinks which can affect cartilage strength.
  • Bracing a joint with an athletic support can help to structure movement.