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Hydration for health and performance

Dehydration is a gradual effect. For every increment of fluid loss there is a small rise in your body temperature and heart rate, and an increase in the perception of how hard you are working. As the fluid deficit grows, there is a continual decline in performance.

Key benefits of hydration

Athletes Gel benefits of hydration

Consuming water is by far the best way to maintain normal hydration. 

 Replenish throughout the day with fluids or eat water-rich foods. 

  1.  A healthy person needs to replace 1.5 litres of fluid per day
  2.  Water intake, maintains overall health including heart,brain & muscle function
  3.  Water help muscles and joints perform better
  4.  Water helps to keep your body cool during activity
  5.  Before exercise ,fluids should include carbohydrates for muscle glycogen fuel levels
  6.  During exercise, drink sports, vitamin or flavoured water to perform for longer
  7.  Post exercise, fluids should be complimented with foods, carbohydrates, protein, and essential nutrients to assist recovery. Replace fluids lost in sweat and refuel glycogen stores 

Types of hydration for active sports people

With an estimated 8 billion litres of performance or sports drinks consumed each year, we though it might help to know whats actually working for you. 

Sports Drinks

 In general, Sports drinks provide electrolytes and carbohydrates.

During exercise or high intensity activity, carbohydrates supply the muscles with fuel.  Sodium and Potassium are the main electrolytes, in these drinks. They stimulate thirst and replace lost salts. 

Vitamin Drinks 

Many of the vitamin drinks promoted in the sports performance and nutrition market, target vitamin intake or loss during training activity. Common Vitamins include, B groups, C & E. Choose natural ingredients over synthetic options whenever possible.

Energy Drinks

Many energy drinks contain, vitamins, caffeine and guarana . The concentration in carbohydrates is often too high. Evidence suggests small amounts of caffeine can help to sustain exercise and performance. Guarana is also used to enhance athletic performance, as a stimulant and to reduce mental and physical fatigue.

Flavoured Drinks 

Flavoured waters are popular drink alternatives, designed for sports people who may prefer to drink water during activity. They generally contain  lower carbs and electrolytes. The addition of juice and glucose makes them suitable for short to medium activity.


There is no substitute for making your own delicious fruit and vegetable juices. Natural juices really sharpen your edge and turbocharge your vitality. Juice daily for overall health and fitness. Beetroot juice in particular is the choice of many international athletes looking to improve recovery and boost performances.

Disclaimer: The information given within this page is a guide only and should not replace the advice given by your Doctor or Sports Medicine Practitioner. In the event of a serious or life threatening injury seek professional medical services. If an injury persists see your health professional.