Cool Down

The two scientific reasons to cool down are to allow your heart rate to return to a normal, resting rate gradually instead of suddenly, and to provide lactic acid relief. The first is probably the most important. A sudden cessation of activity can create a lot of rapid changes in the body that place undo strain on the heart. 

A cool down means you are still moving your body but just at a slower rate.  For example, if you are running or biking, a cool down would include biking or running at a much slower rate than you were exercising. Stretching is usually done as the last step of a cool down.

5 benefits to cooling down

1. Gradually cool-down by reducing your exercise intensity and ending your workout routine with stretching exercises.

2. Cool-down from a run by slowing to a brisk walk or cool a brisk walk down to a leisurely pace.

3. Apply the same slow-down principle to the last five to 10 minutes of any exercise routine or sport.

4. Continue your cool-down period with quadriceps, hamstring & calf stretches, to relax & stretch the muscles in your lower body. 

5. Complete your cool-down period with chest, arm, neck, upper back and shoulder stretches to stretch and relax all of the major muscles groups in your body.

Disclaimer: The information given within this page is a guide only and should not replace the advice given by your Doctor or Sports Medicine Practitioner. In the event of a serious or life threatening injury seek professional medical services. If an injury persists see your health professional.