Athletes Gel’s 18 year old Ambassador, John Cooley, aims to qualify himself for the 2024 Olympics. John is one of the youngest sailors in the 49er Olympic class. This ultimately motivates John, even more so, to do even better than the experienced sailors in the fleet.

The 49er is a two-handed, high performance sailing dingy. John started sailing in Year 5 with school at Woollahra Sailing Club, he developed is basic skills and progressed into the Optimist Class until he started Year 9, then he moved into the 29er. John now competes in the 49er Olympic class whilst completing his Undergraduate degree in Property Economics at the University of Technology Sydney.

Sailing is an expensive sport and to be competitive, it involves a lot of time overseas at international regattas. For John to achieve his dream of competing at the Olympics and winning Gold, he needs your help.

By purchasing one of Athletes Gel’s products from John’s page, you donate 15% to John’s Olympic Campaign. For larger donations, please see John’s page on the Australian Sports Foundation ( Claim 100% Tax credit).

Some Highlights for John include:
2015: 2nd 29er National Championship Perth
2015: 2nd at the UK 29er Nationals
2015: 6th at the 29er Open World Championships
2016: NSW 29er Youth State Champion
2016: Australian 29er National Champion
2016: Australian 29er Youth National Champion
2016: BRONZE Medal at the 2016 AON Youth World Championships in Auckland
2016: Australian Youth Match Racing Champions CYCA
2017: 29er NSW Open, Youth and Junior Champions
2017: NSW Secondary Schools Teams Racing Champion
2017: Australian Teams Racing Champions
2017: 16 th at the 29er Open World Championships


Is it cheaper buying directly from Athletes Gel?

No. Purchasing through this page is no different to purchasing directly through our store. Funds generated through this page support athletes, grassroots clubs and the sporting community.

What makes Athletes Gel so good?

Firstly, we are Aussie made, use all natural ingredients and are Paraben free. We use 4 active ingredients and the quality and quantity we use makes us one of the strongest available products anywhere in the world.

How often should I apply the gel?

Apply as needed and use only as directed. Up to 4 times daily.

How is Athletes Gel developed?

Athletes Gel is a topical formula developed in conjunction with some of the planets best athletes. Over 150 sports people tested our gel in their environments and had three major requirements. Better performance, accelerated recovery and rapid relief when it was needed. 

The product is manufactured in an approved TGA facility at Quest Pharmaceuticals in Melbourne, Australia.

Is Athletes Gel TGA approved?

Yes. We are fully certified with Therapeutic Goods Australia (TGA). License Number - AUST L 295444.

Does Athletes Gel pass WADA and ASADA testing?

 Yes. The Athletes Gel formula has been successfully tested internationally and has passed anti-doping authority check lists for banned substances.

What results can I expect?

Commonwealth Games sprinters from 2 countries noticed faster recovery from hamstring strains, our WSL Pro Surfers had improved flexibility in their hip flexors and both of our World Champion Kayakers were amazed at the relief they got through their shoulders and lower back during training. At every stage, under any circumstance, the athletes who took part, were blown away with the individual results they got from the product they had a hand in developing and that's what we we bring to you now. 

Use only as directed.

Is Athlete Gel all natural?

Athletes Gel uses Clove, Wintergreen, Arnica and Capsaicin as its major ingredients.

These are some of the most powerful natural plants that assist in pain relief, inflammation and eventual recovery from a range of ailments. These scientifically proven ingredients are sourced from Australian Therapeutic Goods Manufacturers & Suppliers and are traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine.

What can Athletes Gel be used to treat?

This fast acting, Australian made Gel is perfect for those dealing with pain, bruises, inflammation, muscle aches, stiff joints, osteoarthritis and for massage therapy.

What happens if Athletes Gel is consumed?


Athletes Gel is one of the strongest listed topical formulas in the market. Although this product is all-natural, plant substances are still known to contain chemicals that are harmful to swallow.

If swallowed call the Poisons Information Line 24 hours a day from anywhere in Australia on 13 11 26. If the person is showing signs of being seriously ill, such as vomiting, loss of consciousness, drowsiness or they are having breathing difficulties, call triple zero 000 for an ambulance or take the person to the closest medical emergency department.

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